Pregnancy and Childbirth Resources 

Knowledge is power in pregnancy and birth. An abusive birth culture counts on families not knowing their rights. The following resources can help you choose a provider, better understand pregnancy and childbirth, and get help when you need it. Click on any link to be taken to the resource. Don’t see something that should be here? Contact us.

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Discrimination in maternity care

  • Black Mamas Matter Alliance: Organization advocating for policy change, providing research, and offering training on issues affecting mothers of color.

  • SPARK Reproductive Justice Now: Offers comprehensive reproductive justice advocacy, including programs addressing poverty, maternal mortality, and maternity care for incarcerated people. Regularly hosts training on effective legislative advocacy.

PRegnancy and Birth LEgal Help

  • State Bar of Georgia: The State Bar of Georgia can help you find a lawyer. You can also verify whether a person giving you legal advice is licensed to practice law in Georgia.

  • Georgia Birth Advocacy Coalition: We are not a law firm, but we can refer you to lawyers knowledgeable about and committed to the cause.

  • National Advocates for Pregnant Women: National organization that offers comprehensive self-help advice, details about the law as it pertains to pregnant people, and help accessing legal services.

  • Georgia Legal Services Program: Offers civil legal help to people with very low incomes. Can help with family law issues, domestic violence, consumer law, and some other issues.

  • The Network for Public Health Law: Comprehensive resource offering white papers and other data on issues in public health law.

Pregnancy and Childbirth Advocacy

  • VBAC Facts: Offers details on the safety of vaginal birth after cesarean, as well as advice about advocating for the right to a VBAC.

  • Birth Monopoly: Working to topple the monopoly on childbirth, Birth Monopoly offers data, advocacy strategies, and consulting. Check out “Birth Allowed Radio,” a birth-centric podcast.

  • This national organization offers birth resources, advocacy, and support to people recovering from birth trauma.

  • International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN): An international collection of local groups advocating for fewer c-sections and evidence-based birth practices. Offers support groups and comprehensive self-help tips.

  • Human Rights in Childbirth: An organization that advocates for greater rights in childbirth from a human rights, woman-centered perspective.

Maternal Mental Health