How to Report Hospitals to State Regulators for Abusive Childbirth Practices


The Georgia Department of Community Health’s Healthcare Facilities Regulation division investigates complaints against healthcare facilities such as hospitals and birthing centers. If you were abused or received substandard care while pregnant or giving birth, you can file a complaint with this regulatory body.

Who can i report to healthcare facilities regulation?

You can only report healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and birthing centers, to HFR. You can’t report individual doctors or medical practices. However, the practices of a doctor at a hospital would fall under the purview of HFR. So if a doctor did something that put you in danger at the hospital, you could report the hospital for allowing the doctor to do such a thing.

what can i report to healthcare facilities regulation?

HFR investigates a wide range of claims about poor quality care. Those include:

  • Failure to offer quality care.

  • Medical malpractice.

  • Safety violations such as giving the wrong medication or not washing hands.

  • Abusive treatment.

  • Assault and violations of informed consent and informed refusal.

Because HFR receives a large volume of complaints, they are more likely to be interested in egregious abuses that either clearly violate the law or cause an injury.

tips for filing your complaint

To file your complaint, click on this online complaint form. You can remain anonymous by leaving all contact information blank. However, doing so will make it impossible for you to follow up on your complaint.

To make your complaint as compelling as possible, focus on issues of safety and quality treatment. Frame your concerns in terms of consent and healthcare quality. For example, if a doctor performed an episiotomy without permission, emphasize that your right to informed consent was violated, resulting in a painful medical procedure.